2014 Avalon Foundation Banner

Here’s one side of this years banner I just finished done in acrylic. After seeing the work of Eric Fortune I really want to try very watered down acrylics on watercolor paper. The thought of being able to do an infinite number of washes without disturbing what’s underneath is very intriguing!!!

Loosening Up Via Zorn

I used acrylics for this; it’s a copy of an Anders Zorn painting. The brushwork looks like chicken scratch, but I like the overall affect. The lighting reminds me of the fantastic Coke illustrations featuring Santa Claus by Haddon Sundblom. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Zorn exhibit at the National Academy in NYC this spring!IMG_5249

Watercolor in Progress

This is a watercolor of the view of Town Creek as you first come into Oxford, Md. I can always count on being behind schedule when getting ready for the Oxford Fine Arts Fair (For more information, check here http://www.oxfordcc.org/PROGRAMS.html). If you’re in the area this weekend (May 18,19), drop by for some great art and strawberry shortcake!Town Creek Morning